Which Piano Competition Reigns Supreme: A Comprehensive Comparison

A Brief History of Piano Competitions

The Inception of Piano Competitions

The Evolution of Piano Competitions

The Big Three: A Deep Dive

Key takeaway: The world of piano competitions is vast and diverse, with various prestigious competitions such as the Tchaikovsky International Competition, Leeds International Piano Competition, and International Chopin Piano Competition. The competitions are evaluated based on factors like artistic quality, jury compositions, media coverage, personal preference, and acknowledging the uncertainty of prestige. To succeed in piano competitions, aspiring pianists should embrace the richness of these competitions and utilize additional resources available to them.

The Tchaikovsky International Competition

The Leeds International Piano Competition

The International Chopin Piano Competition

Piano Competition A: Candidates

Piano Competition B: Juries

Piano Competition C: Prizes

The Rest of the Pack: Other Notable Piano Competitions

The Queen Elisabeth Competition

The Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition

The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

Decoding the Prestige: Factors That Matter

Artistic Quality

Jury Compositions

Media Coverage

The Importance of Personal Preference

Acknowledging the Uncertainty of Prestige

Embracing the Richness of Piano Competitions

Additional Resources for Aspiring Pianists


The Leeds International Piano Competition Finals – Eric Lu, First Prize Winner

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